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The New Hampshire Rabbits

The House Rabbit Network recently worked with local animal control to remove 86 rabbits from a hoarding situation in Lempster, NH. The rabbits were living in filthy conditions, with urine and feces piled high on the floors. The rabbits were thirsty, plagued with numerous injuries and parasites, and were very frightened. Despite this, the bunnies have been remarkably resilient. They are sweet, gentle bunnies that are looking for love, a good meal, and an endless bowl of fresh water.

Animal hoarding occurs when someone keeps a larger than usual number of pets without the ability to properly care for the animals. Although the owners deeply cared for the rabbits, they lacked the ability to provide critical veterinary care to the injured rabbits, they lacked the space to prevent fighting among the rabbits and they were unable to spay and neuter the rabbits in order to prevent the continuous breeding that was occurring.

Several of the bunnies have been treated for various injuries including broken limbs, lacerations, and abscesses. Most of the females have already been spayed and some of the males have begun to be neutered as well.

The House Rabbit Network wants to thank the following groups who have taken in rabbits and helped with this rescue:

Thanks also to the following organizations:

  • Oxbow for their donation of pellets

Please support these rescue groups too!
HRN is also seeking:

  • Adoptions!! We need to place as many of the rabbits we currently have in order to make room for these guys as we get them fixed
  • Leads on shelter space in the 93/128/495 area - primarily Burlington and surrounding cities and towns
  • Donations to pay for all the spays and neuters
  • Foster homes to take care of the rabbits
  • Pellet and hay donations

If you can help, please send us an email at or call 781-431-1211.

For monetary donations you can contribute either by check, Chip-In or with PayPal. Paypal options are below. If you prefer to pay by check, make it out to "House Rabbit Network". In the memo section, write "Lempster, NH" and mail it to:

House Rabbit Network
P.O. Box 2602
Woburn, MA 01888

Anyone who contributes will have their name listed on this page.

Contribute $25
Contribute $50
Contribute $75
Contribute $100

The rabbits thank you for your support!

$25 Kathleen Bourdelais
$100 Amy Litchfield Kennedy
$25 Joyce Patterson
$100 Jamie Drery
$35 Linda O'Kelly
$60 Allyson Grossman
$35 Brian Player
$100 Reservoir Farm Studio
$25 Stephanie Pereira
$50 Devesh Agrawal
$20 Anne Thie
$150 Caroline T. Gawle Hamilton
$50 Robert White
$20 Jeannine Archer
$25 George Caswell
$25 Jennifer Rainie
$50 Carol Rowe
$25 Natalie Russo
$75 Nancy Kovaleff
$200 Loren Christensen
$25 Julie Karaba
$100 Patricia Mahoney
$500 In Memory of Hershey
$10 Edward Gutierrez
$50 Robin Long Ackerman
$25 Kathy King
$300 Darilyn Arancio
$35 Marissa Doyle
$100 Daphne Powers
$100 Jeanine Callace
$25 William Collins
$25 Erin Collins
$25 Dylan Collins
$25 Bill Collins
$25 Joanne Collins
$25 Kim & Aaron Reardon
$25 Soren Collins
$25 Adelle Collins

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