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How to Sex Your Rabbits

Sexing your new bunny is important, especially if you recently adopted a pair of rabbits. If your rabbits are young, they should be separated by the time they are 3 months old to prevent accidental litters. It will also determine at what age you get your rabbit fixed, as males can be neutered at an earlier age.

Let's start with the basics- where to look. If you hold your rabbit on his back, look at the underside, between the rear legs, near the base of the tail. While it isn't always obvious, there are two holes here.

Here is a close up:

To see the openings, you should gently place your fingers and move them apart.

The opening closest to the tail is the anus. It will sometimes "wink" back at you. The opening closest to the belly is the genitals and the one we are going to examine.

Here is how to determine if your rabbit is a boy or a girl

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