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Rabbit Toys

by Mallory Mohring

Does your rabbit lie around all day, looking lazy? Do you wish you could put more pop in his hop? It is much easier than you might think. You just need to play with him! Rabbits love to play, hop, throw things, and just have fun! You may not realize how easy and fun it is to make or buy toys for your rabbit. Youíll have fun, and your bunny will too.

So, why should you bother playing with your rabbit? Because it will keep him healthy and smart! Playing gives a rabbit both mental and physical exercise. Plus, when a rabbit has his own toys, he will be too busy to want to chew on what he isnít supposed to. Complicated toys, such as ones that have a treat hidden in the middle, will keep your rabbit thinking, while having fun too. Toys that can be thrown, such as a small box of hay, will give the rabbit exercise. Think about what your rabbit likes when you try to choose a toy. Does he like to dig carpet and chew? A piece of wood, a grass mat, old books, or cardboard tubes might pique his interest. Does he like to throw things, stand up, and jump around? A box of hay, an empty container with something inside to make noise, or a set of plastic keys might make him happy. Does he like to lick things (including you), bunch up blankets, or snuggle? A plush bunny to groom, a blanket to play with, or piece of untreated carpet might be his fancy. Does he like to playfully dig, bark or jump? He might have fun with you if you roll up a newspaper, tear down a few pieces, and playfully poke him with it. Not sure what to get for your bunny, or he doesnít like any of those? Just try a little bit of everything, and if that doesnít work, just let him choose. How do you do that? Whatever the rabbit decides is fun to play with, just let him have it (as long as it is safe!). Now, go have fun!!

Make sure all toys are safe. They must be untreated by chemicals, have no loose parts, and if the rabbit manages to chew something off, throw the toy away immediately. Here is a list of simple homemade toys:

  • Old books or phone books
  • Plush bunny to groom
  • Old blanket or towel, to bunch up and rearrange
  • Paper bag or box of hay (e.g., a cereal box or any small box)
  • Plastic keys (the kind for babies)
  • Piece of wood for chewing
  • Container (empty plastic butter bowl, etc.) with something inside to make it rattle
  • Untreated wicker baskets
  • Rolled up newspaper, paper grocery bags
  • Cardboard toilet paper, paper towel rolls or paper cups (not the wax kind)
  • Carpeted cat condo
  • Cardboard tunnels
  • Untreated grass mats
  • Set up an obstacle course. Use cardboard boxes, tunnels, and baskets. Just make sure it is not too high, for the rabbit's safety.
Toys can also be bought from companies that specialize in rabbit toys. Here are some websites: and

The important thing is that everyone (including the bunny) has fun. Toys are everywhere, so let your rabbit lead the way. If he gets tired of one toy, try another. If he just loves one kind of toy, stick with it. Again, just make sure everything is safe. Have fun with your bunnies, and they will have fun, too.

Copyright 2002- Mallory Mohring

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