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Welcome to the HRN Gift Shop, where you can check out all of HRN's fundraisers!  Our shopping cart is powered by PayPal.  If you'd prefer to pay via check or money order, the mail-order form can be found here These are HRN's current fundraisers. More coming soon!

HRN Logo Items

Lots of items with the HRN logo. T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, mugs, mouse pads, bags and lots more!

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I'm Dreaming of a White Bunny

Love is in the Hare!

Bun in the Sun!

Adopt a Retired Easter Bunny!

HRN 2016 Calendar * $11

Watch our rabbits all year long with your own copy of the 2016 HRN calendar! Professional Printing. You will love to have HRN bunnies hanging on your wall all year long! Pick one up in person at an HRN event or order online. Shipping cost: $4 first calendar, each additional add another dollar. ** This is for US orders only! **

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Books & Educational Materials
Rabbit Health in the 21st Century
Second Edition
by Kathy Smith 

($17.95 + $3.55 shipping)

To learn more about this book,
click here!

One Year of Membership
to House Rabbit Network

Now you can register for HRN membership online!  Your tax deductible donation will be used for medical costs and educational expenses. Your yearly membership includes HRN's tri-annual newsletter, Rabbit Tracks. To submit your membership information by mail, please click here to view our mail-order membership form.

Choose to receive your membership by either US Mail or as a PDF through email,
and choose your membership level:


Email PDF Membership

 Netherland Dwarf $15  
                  Mini Lop $25 
            New Zealand $50 

        Flemish Giant $100 

US Mail Membership

 Netherland Dwarf $15  
                  Mini Lop $25 
            New Zealand $50 

        Flemish Giant $100 

One Time Donations
to House Rabbit Network

Do you want to make a one time donation to HRN, but you don't want to be a member, don't want to receive newsletters, and pretty much don't want us to waste any money contacting you? Then this is the place for you! Make a donation here and besides from a thank you, you won't hear from us. No solicitations or requests for more money!


Select your amount:

You can choose different quantities and amounts, so if you want to donate $20, select $10 with a quantity of 2.





Thanks for your support!



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