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Twilight is a sweet young mini-lop who became seriously ill on Jan 20, 2010. His condition has been posted on many lists, and people are asking how he is doing would like more details on his story. To make it easier for people to follow, I will be placing all information on him here. I would also like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who has shown interest in him and has offered tips/suggestions.

Basic information:
  • Born May 2009
  • Came into HRN foster care July 2009
  • Appeared to be completely healthy
  • White mini-lop
  • neutered Sep 8 2009
  • Weighs 6 pounds
Here is some video of a healthy Twilight taken approximately 6 weeks before his illness.

Twilight 1
Twilight 3

Jan 20, 2010 First thing in the morning I went downstairs to feed the foster rabbits, and noticed that Twilight was having a problem lifting his head. The previous night he appeared healthy, with no obvious problems. I took him to the vet, who didn't know what was wrong with him. We started him on baytril, panacur, puralube and metacam. He is also receiving sub-q fluids and critical care. Here is some video of his condition:

Please note- he was only on the floor for filming to video. He has plenty of towels in his cage to make moving around easier.

Thursday Jan 21 He made it through the night, and appeared slightly worse. I took him into Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston where he could see specialists. He was observed by both Dr DeCubellis (exotics specialist) and Dr Farabaugh (neurologist). He had a fairly lengthy exam, along with radiographs (skull, neck, spine) and blood work. It is important to note that this is very localized to the back of the neck area. All of his legs are strong and seem to have full movement. The neck area was hypersensitive, sometimes it appeared to be twitching. There is no nystagmus. He has an excellent appetite but is having trouble positioning himself to eat. Initially they thought that he tore a ligament in the back of his neck, but later ruled that out. Also no signs of trauma. No swelling, redness, nothing. Radiographs and blood work came back normal. Many different ideas were bounced around, but the doctors were stumped.

Some random comments- this is NOT head tilt. It doesn't appear to be e. cuniculi, but no one feels it can be ruled out completely. No evidence of a spider bite. Many things people have suggested can easily be ruled out because he has good strength with his legs. The is no point of localization. He lives in a cage by himself, we don't believe he had access to any strange plants or poisonous objects. Food is fresh and had no signs of mold. He doesn't lean to either side, and has twisted his head to rest in both directions. Radiographs were taken at a couple of angles. A couple of people have suggested myastenia gravis, which isn't a first choice but hasn't been ruled out either. They ruled out an electrolyte imbalance.

Jan 22 In the morning he seemed a tiny bit worse. I gave him his critical care, which he rapidly eats, his fluids and meds. During the day he seemed stable. Late a night, it seems like he might be slightly improved. I spend a lot of time cradling him like a baby on his back.

Jan 23 Twilight has definitely improved. He can now lift his head up for short periods of time and is eating fairly well on his own. He can even go in and out of his litter box. Fingers crossed that he continues. Here is updated video. Yes, I woke him up, but needed to do fluids and meds on him.

We are discussing alternative care- acupuncture, chiropractic.

Jan 24 Twilight continues to get stronger. He is now keeping his head up for a fair amount of time. He is moving around his cage and eating well. He is more active and is looking for attention.

Jan 25 Twilight is getting stronger each day and is looking pretty good today. We still don't know what happened to him but are thrilled that he has improved so much. Here is more video of him.

Will update again tomorrow!.

Twilight sends a huge thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts and wishes.

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